Nick Williams
(415) 692-HTTP

About Me

I'm a business-minded software engineer with over 13 years of full stack experience. I feel most at home when I'm in over my head.

I've written my own open source PHP framework/ORM (Bedrock Framework), built a computer into the dash of my car, won first prize at a hackathon judged by GM executives, and crewed a company from startup through two acquisitions. Oh, and last year I remodeled my kitchen by myself without a contractor or a pickup truck.

Technical Profile

  • Languages

    PHP Java Scala JavaScript Bash Ruby Lua C C++ SQL HTML CSS
  • Platforms

    Apache (LAMP) Java EE Node.js Rails
  • Notalble Tools/Technologies

    AWS/EC2 Git Github Subversion Vagrant Puppet Docker Jenkins Travis CI Splunk Maven Sentry Segment Ant OSGi JUnit Smali / Baksmali Grunt Backbone.js Marionette.js Mocha.js Sinon.js jQuery Handlebars Mustache Twitter Bootstrap Behat/Gherkin Bedrock Framework Solar PHP PHPUnit Android SDK iOS SDK Memcache Cassandra Redis REST JSON-RPC MQTT SOAP WebSockets OAuth

Education & Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science, August 2006

    Dual focus in Computer Science & Business
    University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
  • Certified ScrumMaster, April 19, 2013

    Scrum Alliance, Cert ID 0002509111

Professional Experience

  • Software Engineer

    Smartcar Inc.

    February 2018 - Present
    • Streamlined the engineering team's software development process to favor transparency and efficiency for small teams.
    • A primary contributor to the company's core product, a unified OEM-agnostic REST API for connected vehicles.
      Node.js PostgreSQL Redis Lua
    • Analyzed, decompiled, and inspected third-party mobile applications in order to understand/document their backend API communications.
      Java Smali / Baksmali Android SDK iOS SDK REST JSON-RPC WebSockets MQTT
    • Designed and implemented internal libraries to communicate with vehicle OEM APIs. These were derived from formal documentation provided directly, and/or from information obtained through mobile app inspection.
      Node.js PostgreSQL Redis REST JSON-RPC WebSockets MQTT
  • Software Engineer

    TIBCO Software Inc. (Mashery)

    July 2012 - December 2017
    • Managed local and remote teams (domestic and in Pune, India) for specific projects and efforts.
    • Spearheaded efforts to pursue agile methodologies (primarily scrum), serving as scrum master and providing guidance to other scrum teams.
    • Shepherded our products and assets through two major acquisitions. Assisted in transitioning our codebases to exist and operate in new infrastructure and changing priorities and security requirements.
    • A primary contributor in multiple key facets of the product and supporting services including:
      • Public Developer Portal & Legacy Administration Dashboard
        PHP MySQL Memcache Cassandra JavaScript HTML CSS
      • Second-Generation Administration Dashboard (Control-Center)
        JavaScript Backbone.js Marionette.js HTML CSS
      • Internally-Consumed APIs
        Java EE PHP MySQL Memcache Cassandra JSON RPC REST
      • Unit Testing
        PHPUnit JUnit Mocha.js Sinon.js
      • Functional Testing
        PHP Behat Gherkin
      • API Testing
      • Local Development Environment
        Bash Ruby Vagrant Puppet Docker
    • Assisted in manual after-hours production code deployments, providing real time support and monitoring of relevant logs and test results.
      Splunk PHP Java Linux Bash

  • Software Engineer

    Monitise Americas (Clairmail)

    January 2012 - July 2012
    • Contributed essential components to the company's flagship product, a PhoneGap based mobile banking client. Relied heavily on JavaScript and modern web features.
      JavaScript HTML 5 CSS 3
    • Built a web application designed to enable banking customers to enroll in products offered by the Clairmail platform. The front end relied heavily on JavaScript, while the back end was built with the Play Framework for Java.
      JavaScript Java EE REST SOAP

    Web Application Developer

    SiteCrafting, Inc.

    September 2007 - January 2012
    • Built large scale web applications for clients from various industries.
      Linux Apache MySQL PHP JavaScript HTML CSS
    • Managed projects end-to-end: working with the client to establish project scope and components, coordinating with our design team, developing the promised product, managing timelines and milestones, coordinating QA testing and fielding post-development feedback and requests.
    • Built internal tools to aid in the company's transition away from third-party offerings, including: a bug tracker, a design-review tool for clients to view and approve proposed designs, a cron manager/scheduler, and a task list/timesheet logger.
      Linux Apache MySQL PHP JavaScript HTML CSS
    • Established and implemented coding standards and best practices company-wide (including reference documentation distributed to every developer).
    • Pioneered a developer training program, aiding in developers' understanding of advanced language features and programming techniques.
  • Software Developer

    Customer Feedback, LLC

    August 2006 - September 2007
    • Was a primary developer for the company‚Äôs proprietary Java EE based business intelligence system, CSIS.
      Java EE Oracle
    • In charge of all Crystal Reports related aspects of CSIS (report design, API integration, folder structure, user accounts/permissions, etc.).
      Crystal Reports
    • Developed Flash / ActionScript based client applications for use within CSIS.
      Flash ActionScript